The Bavarian Police Task Act 2018 (PAG) is unconstitutional

Schmidbauer Kampagne PAG

The public thinks that 'the Schmidbauer' (legal technical literature on the Bavarian Police Task Act) is a purely scientific work.

Schmidbauer is currently using it in front of the state parliament as a propaganda tool for his desired version of the PAG 2018 (also on 26.04.2018).

His agency dedicates a huge amount of tax money to C.H. Beck.

A smaller sum goes back to him, privately, as 'author's fee', for the aforementioned work, which he uses at the same time as a propaganda tool to push the PAG 2018.

He receives private money and propaganda-possibilities from C.H. Beck. At the same time, more tax money is being diverted to Beck ('Information Reference'), as Schmidbauer receives.

The publisher C.H. Beck under Adolf Hitler, was at the center of the racial laws whose application led to the murder of millions of fellow citizens. Exactly this company would today again be the publishing house for authors within the Munich justice and at the same time one of the largest private contractors, in particular by Hans Kornprobst and could therefore indirectly via him as well as the court presidents of the LG Munich and the OLG Munich, which are all in business relationships with Hans-Dieter Beck - just as the police - have a direct influence. The publisher C.H. Beck, as a core propagandiser of the racial laws under Hitler, whose application led to millions of mass murders of our fellow citizens, has already proved unworthy of cooperation with the German state. The publisher C.H. Beck applied in 2008 for the red of the Reichskriegsflagge as a commercial trademark at the German Patent and Trademark Office, for exactly the so-called 'Schönfelder' as a law collection, with which exactly this publishing house at that time the racial laws had spread and Adolf Hitler thus significantly assisted in the preparation of the murder of millions of fellow citizens.

Chapeau before this level of integrity. Schmidbauer and Kornprobst are the main players in Munich, who in the future, for example, with this new law would decide on the use of drones and hand grenades against each of us.

The Police Task Act 2018 is partly indefinite ('imminent danger'), which would constitute an unacceptable behavior of the legislature towards a responsible citizen.

With the use of hand grenades against citizens, the militarization of the police continues

It is in its overall view a confused hodgepodge of tasks of police and secret service for the protection of the constitution with absurdly overshooting rights especially against the ordinary citizen, which not only fears that soon again a power-drunken gang of raw thugs could exercise almost unlimited authority over anybody in Germany. Rather, it would distract from the considerable need to return at one's own door (see satire "Compliance Fail in the Judiciary").

Rather, the draft is a departure from democracy and fundamental rights. Furthermore, it is a major breach of the Constitution, which can not be excused alone with insufficient legal knowledge.

The court propaganda about the publishing house C.H. Beck is to be given a refusal. The alleged objectivity of legal literature represents a perfidious deception maneuver that needs to be unmasked with the harshest words.

The Police Task Act 2018 is crystal clear already a preparatory act ('imminent danger'), namely for the re-establishment of a totalitarian regime in Germany, in cooperation with the partially identical propaganda apparatus as under Adolf Hitler.


Karriere-Jura GmbH, April 2018

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